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Millenium Medical Solutions Corp – Employee Benefits Consulting. Proactively finding value & satisfaction for NY Metro businesses by uncovering market inefficiencies & drawing on close to 20 years of experience. We provide creative benefit solutions to meet your goals and objectives. Our process starts with objective setting and strategic planning to provide a custom benefit plan design to meet your specific needs and goals.

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  • King Ruling Awaiting Supreme Court

    Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling

    King Ruling Awaiting Supreme Court The King Ruling awaits As Supreme Court schedules more decision days.  The decision is expected to be possibly on Thursday on the legality of the Health care subsidies.  ISSUE RECAP: At issue is whether subsidies that 8.7 million people receive to help pay for their insurance are available in all 50 states, or only those that set up their own health insurance exchanges. On March 4th, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell on whether the language of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide subsidies or […]

  • New Embedded Out of Pocket Requirement

    embedded out of pocket limits

    New Embedded Out of Pocket Requirement Great news for families with HSA and high deductible plans.  Individual out of pocket maximums will apply EVEN UNDER A FAMILY POLICY. New federal health care reform law regulatory guidance ends lingering uncertainty on how much in out-of-pocket costs employers with high-deductible plans can require employees to pick up. The guidance, leaves intact the maximum out-of-pocket expenses employers can require employees to pay before health plan coverage kicks in: $6,850 for single coverage and $13,700 for family coverage when the rules go into effect in 2016. An example illustrates how the HHS-imposed “EMBEDDED” limit on out-of-pocket […]

  • HSA 2016 Limits

    HSA 2016 Limits The IRS has released the 2016  Health Savings Account (HSA) inflation adjustments. New HSA 2016  limits are as follows:                      HSA Annual Contribution Limit:  Single –  $3,350 (NONE, $3,350 in 2015) Family – $6,750 (+$100,  $6,650 in 2015) HDHP Minimum Annual Deductible (No change from calendar year 2011):  Single – $1,300  (NONE, $1,300 in 2015) Family – $2,600 (+$100,  $2,500 in 2015) HDHP Out-of-Pocket Maximum:  Single – $6,550 (+$100,  $6,450 in 2015) Family – $13,100 (+$200,  $12,900 in 2015) Age 55 Catch Up Contribution As in 401k and IRA contributions, you are allowed to contribute […]

  • Order Your Medical Records 5 Steps

    Anyone who has moved has been confronted with the question “How to Order Your Medical Records?”. Requesting your medical records may seem complex at first its simpler than one thinks.

  • HSA-FSA-HRA: Whats the Difference?

    FSA Store

    HSA-FSA-HRA: Whats the Difference? HSA-FSA-HRA: Whats the Difference? Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) and health care flexible spending accounts (HFSAs) are generally referred to as account-based plans. That is because each participant has their own account, at least for bookkeeping purposes. Under the tax rules, amounts may be contributed to these accounts (with certain restrictions) and used for health care on a tax-favored basis. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has added new requirements that affect HRAs and HFSAs. Most HFSAs and HRAs will need to be amended to meet the new PPACA requirements. HSAs generally […]

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  • “Alex is an amazing guy. He is by far the knowledgeable guy in the health care space I've ever met, with the added bonus that he can take such a complicated topic and reduce it to simple choices. For anyone seeking health insurance as an individual or a company, Alex is definitely the go-to guy.” April 8, 2010
    John Gordon, USA Corp Services LLC,
  • “Alex is a very dedicated and informed broker who cares about his clients. He is always up to speed on the latest news with the carriers as well as current, everchaging, legislation. Also, from day one when we launched our quoting engine, Alex has been a "super user" and has contributed his feedback and suggestions to help make the site a powerful broker tool.”
    Michelle Dianni Gentile,
  • “Alex continues to be an excellent resource for KW Sunglasses. He has guided us among all the barely discernible possibilities available to small business year after year and has made this annual task a pleasure. While serving as Financial Secretary for PSJC in 2009 I invited Alex to meet with the staff and present them with alternatives to their current coverage and they are pleased by the savings and coverage as a result. I continue to receive thanks from those that I have recommended Alex and Millennium Medical Solutions to, so it is without reservation that I do so once again. Joe Sacks GM The KW Corp.
    Joe Sacks,
  • “Alex is both honest and dedicated. In a little appreciated field, at a challenging time, Alex raises thae bar and reaches beyond it. Not only does he ensure a fair cost, he also ensures that the product is appropriate. He was reccommended to me by someone whom i trust and i would gladly endose him to others.” June 23, 2010
    Lisa Resling Halpern,
  • “Alex has been servicing our businesses with our health insurance needs for the last 12 years. He has invaluable experience in the field having worked on the client side before entering brokerage. This has been a tremendous value add for us when trying to understand the complex world of the ever changing health care world.”
    Oren Klein,
  • “Alex Miller is my go-to guy for small business health insurance. Not only have I recommended him to clients but I've also hired him myself!” June 18, 2010
    Rosalind Resnick,
  • “Alex Miller’s dedication to his customers combined with his knowledge in his field is outstanding. Alex’s energy and focused attention to the little details creates a supreme level of trust. Alex takes pride in his work and efforts and leaves his clients with the feeling that they got not only the best product, but the best service possible. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and I highly recommend you call him if you are in need of his services.” June 19, 2010
    Jason Novich,
  • “I have known Alex for many years and have the highest regard for him and his company. He is a very knowledgeable, motivated and professional person. I recommend him highly to any small business that is looking for creative solutions to deal their health insurance needs, especially given the legislative changes going forward. Michael Korine” June 22, 2010
    Michael Korine,
  • “Alex has provided consistent high quality work. I have recommended him to a number of other people, and he has always delivered. He understands the health insurance area, is personable, and gets his work done on time in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him.” July 12, 2010
    William Frank,
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